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Selecting Modern Kitchen Furniture

In recent years, modern kitchen designs have become more popular, and, as a result, more available than ever before. While you can walk into most “big box” stores and find modern-style designs, however, selecting a proper contemporary dinette set requires research and planning.

No matter what your budget level is, there are a wide variety of kitchen pieces that you can incorporate into your home. If you were to visit a top tier modern furniture gallery and a low-cost retailer you might find “similar” Barcelona chairs and tables, but the key is understanding the durability and quality that goes into their designs.

There are two major factors that determine the durability of a modern dinette set: seamless edges are more sustainable than bolted edges, and the quality of the materials can vary widely. While saving a few hundred dollars at a big retailer might seem like a bargain, this will only be the case if the piece lasts as long as the alternative. Rather than just comparing designs on price, therefore, it is essential that you view the purchase as a long-term investment by balancing the costs and benefits of a given dinette set.

At the same time, it’s probably not necessary to buy exclusive, limited edition designer pieces for your kitchen; these limited sets sell for “art” prices, providing a high premium over traditional furniture. While industrial designs such as Marcel Breuer produce fine kitchen furniture, you can realize similiar quality at a much lower price point. Focus first on your budget limitations, as well as your functional expectations so that you can comparison shop to select the best piece.

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