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Selecting Dinette Bar Stools

Adding bar stools as a kitchen accessory to your dinette set can really help elevate your decor. While many dinette sets come with matching chairs and stools, many do not; selecting the right bar stool to match your kitchen set can help bring your layout to life.

Like tables, bar stools come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to metal to synthetics across a variety of construction styles. Bar stools vary as widely in function as they do in design, as many stools allow for a full 360 degree swivel, while other are stationary. Selecting the right accessory chairs for your kitchen will depend on your preferences, as well as the guests in question. For example, if you are using them as seats for young children, you will want to ensure the height is adjustable and that the swivel is somewhat limited, as a means to prevent potential complications.

One of the key questions when selecting a set is to ask whether you want an upholstered set: selecting the right upholstery can allow your bar stools to match the rest of your kitchen design, no matter what type of material it is constructed from. Given the prevalence of stain resistant materials, you can easily incorporate the style you want while ensuring that maintenance of your designs is easily amenable to your preferences.

While shopping online for bar stools can provide a wide selection and lower prices, it’s probably best to actually sit in and physically view the set you are considering for a proper evaluation. Determining the right bar stool is as much a visual as it is an economic decision.

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