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Retro Furniture for Your Dining Room

Strongly influenced by 1950s design sensibilities, retro dining furniture harks back to a bygone era in American culture. Reminiscent of the modern diner look, retro kitchen pieces range from sleek chrome to colorful designs. What unites all of the pieces, however, is an element of simplicity and retro expression that can help transform your kitchen into a themed room, ideal for social events and parties.

To understand the visual motif of retro dinettes, it’s best to think of the classic 1950s car icons which capture the designs of the era. Like the sleek Corvettes and Cadillacs, the pieces are modular in design with art deco sensibilities and shiny chrome or aluminum finish. Many of the models feature art deco legs and swivel bar stools are a common accessory. As a result, your kitchen can take the appearance of a 50s-style diner or cafeteria, complete with its own unique visuals. Common color patterns in retro trends are light blues, reds and browns, and the texture surfaces are commonly shiny. Additionally, many sets use accent patterns such as stripes and dual-tones which can really bring out the flair in retro design.

One important consideration is that it can be difficult to find retro styles in-stores, so you’ll likely have to shop on-line for what you’re looking for. Some common outlets for retro dinettes include New Retro Dining, Alfa Dinettes and Chrom Craft, each of which carry hand-crafted, made to order sets that will elevate your kitchen redesign.

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