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Dinette World Atlanta

Located outside of Atlanta on the Northeast Expressway, Dinette World’s showroom is nearly 10,000 square feet and contains thousands of unique furniture pieces. Offering specialty furniture for over three decades, Dinette World is known for its quality service 7 days a week as well as its expensive collection of kitchen and game room sets.

While there are many other furniture stores in the area, few stores carry the wide selection of dinette sets in stock; most comparable furniture companies have to special order dinettes, a process that can take weeks if not more, depending upon the specific pieces in question. As a result of their large inventory, you can not only look at a variety of price ranges and styles, but can also make sure that you get the color and pattern to match your kitchen or dining room. During our visit, the sales person was quite knowledgeable about nearly every brand the company offers. In fact, the service and selection go well beyond what I experienced at large chain stores, and I truly appreciated the individualized service that Dinette World offers. On the other hand, the prices can be a bit on the high end for certain items, which can be found at more effective prices through special order.

Importantly, the store also carries a wide range of accessories and accent pieces, ranging from bar stools to individual chairs and centerpieces, which can allow you to coordinate decorations for an entire kitchen. Going into the store, I didn’t know exactly which style I preferred (we’re redoing the entire kitchen), but I came out of the store with a good sense of how to coordinate my next dinette set.

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