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Contemporary Kitchen Furniture

With the revival of the new contemporary design, many kitchens are becoming a fertile ground for redecoration. As part of this trend, many home owners are selecting contemporary dinette sets to accent their overall kitchen or to provide a main seating area for smaller areas.

To understand modern and contemporary dinette styles, it’s important to understand the larger design trends that inform the style. In particular, modern design is not, as many believe, in contrast to retro styles; in fact, the two genres share much in common, include a focus on simplicity and geometric patterns. Contemporary dinettes often feature sleek designs as well as a linear structure that accompanies stainless steel and modern kitchen appliances well.

Another main aspect of contemporary dinettes is that the materials are commonly metal, glass or plastic; any modern wooden tables are generally coated with a different surface design. Some designs have used lighter wood styles such as ash, but often sand the pieces to give them an air of simplicity. You can often find the sets in bold colors, in contrast to the pastels and traditional colors on many classic dinette sets. Black and white, monochromatic, sets are also popular today.

Designed for urban kitchens, loft space are generally lacking space, which makes most modern dinettes smaller in size, with chairs that can easily be stored. In fact, many modern dinettes are designed to append onto counter-tops, creating a seamless dining space that the space-strapped urban dweller can appreciate.

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