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Classic Dinette Styles

While retro dinette designs are enjoying a resurgence, many decorators are re-evaluating the potential of adding the sets to a kitchen. Over the past few years, the classic dinette has returned to many homes, providing a great space for a quick meal, a quiet conversation or a small work space that makes the kitchen a much more functional space.

Going beyond retro designs, today’s classic dinettes are designed for function over form; while you can find attractive, designers kitchen sets, you will also find features that allow the sets to adjust and fold as you see fit. Depending on your needs, you can find a classic dinette set that can accompany anywhere between two and eight chairs, often times allowing you to fold in the parts of the table underneath that aren’t in use.

The original function of dinettes was to provide a side table for family kitchens where guests and family members could enjoy quiet conversion or quick snacks, while leaving the main dining room table for formal meals. Even through most family schedules are quite different today, there are still good reasons for this legacy: dinettes still allow you to have a greater degree of flexibility in the kitchen relative to a single, large dining room table.

Additionally, class dinettes can easily be moved – some sets today come with optional wheels on the bottom, allowing for each movement into adjacent rooms or other parts of the kitchen. If you want to extend the seating room on your counter, you can find counter-height dinettes that can easily be supplemented by bar stools to enhance the social convenience of your kitchen. It’s time to reconsider both the style and use of dinette sets to determine how you can create a modern kitchen that gives you all the flexibility you might need for your home.

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