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Where to Shop for Dinettes

Today’s dinette buyer has, literally, hundreds of retailers to choose from, ranging from traditional, in-town stores to online retailers with a virtually unlimited selection. To help simplify the shopping process we have profiled some of the more prominent dinette stores:

Dinettes Unlimited
With over two decades in the furniture business, Dinettes Unlimited branched out from its Hampton, Virginia headquarters to offer world-wide shipment earlier this decade. Still a family-owned business based out of the state, the company is known for their wide selection and knowledgeable customer service. Many buyers select the company because of their willingness to help craft custom designs, in addition to providing discounts to a wide selection of traditional finishes and shapes from major furniture manufacturers. With a complete selection of kitchen furniture, the company provides ongoing customer support to ensure your shopping experience is second to none.

Dinette Set Showroom
Expanding from a single Florida showroom, Dinette Set now carries a wide range of modern furniture, covering nearly every style and shape. Known for its free shipping and expert sales staff, Dinette Set has become a favorite for home and business buyers alike. With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee return policy, you can shop without worry.

Bond Dinettes
The Connecticut based Bond Dinettes has the largest in store selection of dinettes in the state and seamlessly transitioned to an online store earlier this decade, making its inventory accessible to buyers worldwide. With over four decades of experience, Bond carries a wide range of furniture items and has expert customer representatives that can help you customize your kitchen furniture to your liking. Beyond dinettes, the company also sells parsons chairs, islands, bars and stools, along with kitchen accents and accessories.

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture

With the revival of the new contemporary design, many kitchens are becoming a fertile ground for redecoration. As part of this trend, many home owners are selecting contemporary dinette sets to accent their overall kitchen or to provide a main seating area for smaller areas.

To understand modern and contemporary dinette styles, it’s important to understand the larger design trends that inform the style. In particular, modern design is not, as many believe, in contrast to retro styles; in fact, the two genres share much in common, include a focus on simplicity and geometric patterns. Contemporary dinettes often feature sleek designs as well as a linear structure that accompanies stainless steel and modern kitchen appliances well.

Another main aspect of contemporary dinettes is that the materials are commonly metal, glass or plastic; any modern wooden tables are generally coated with a different surface design. Some designs have used lighter wood styles such as ash, but often sand the pieces to give them an air of simplicity. You can often find the sets in bold colors, in contrast to the pastels and traditional colors on many classic dinette sets. Black and white, monochromatic, sets are also popular today.

Designed for urban kitchens, loft space are generally lacking space, which makes most modern dinettes smaller in size, with chairs that can easily be stored. In fact, many modern dinettes are designed to append onto counter-tops, creating a seamless dining space that the space-strapped urban dweller can appreciate.

Classic Dinette Styles

While retro dinette designs are enjoying a resurgence, many decorators are re-evaluating the potential of adding the sets to a kitchen. Over the past few years, the classic dinette has returned to many homes, providing a great space for a quick meal, a quiet conversation or a small work space that makes the kitchen a much more functional space.

Going beyond retro designs, today’s classic dinettes are designed for function over form; while you can find attractive, designers kitchen sets, you will also find features that allow the sets to adjust and fold as you see fit. Depending on your needs, you can find a classic dinette set that can accompany anywhere between two and eight chairs, often times allowing you to fold in the parts of the table underneath that aren’t in use.

The original function of dinettes was to provide a side table for family kitchens where guests and family members could enjoy quiet conversion or quick snacks, while leaving the main dining room table for formal meals. Even through most family schedules are quite different today, there are still good reasons for this legacy: dinettes still allow you to have a greater degree of flexibility in the kitchen relative to a single, large dining room table.

Additionally, class dinettes can easily be moved – some sets today come with optional wheels on the bottom, allowing for each movement into adjacent rooms or other parts of the kitchen. If you want to extend the seating room on your counter, you can find counter-height dinettes that can easily be supplemented by bar stools to enhance the social convenience of your kitchen. It’s time to reconsider both the style and use of dinette sets to determine how you can create a modern kitchen that gives you all the flexibility you might need for your home.

Selecting Dinette Bar Stools

Adding bar stools as a kitchen accessory to your dinette set can really help elevate your decor. While many dinette sets come with matching chairs and stools, many do not; selecting the right bar stool to match your kitchen set can help bring your layout to life.

Like tables, bar stools come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to metal to synthetics across a variety of construction styles. Bar stools vary as widely in function as they do in design, as many stools allow for a full 360 degree swivel, while other are stationary. Selecting the right accessory chairs for your kitchen will depend on your preferences, as well as the guests in question. For example, if you are using them as seats for young children, you will want to ensure the height is adjustable and that the swivel is somewhat limited, as a means to prevent potential complications.

One of the key questions when selecting a set is to ask whether you want an upholstered set: selecting the right upholstery can allow your bar stools to match the rest of your kitchen design, no matter what type of material it is constructed from. Given the prevalence of stain resistant materials, you can easily incorporate the style you want while ensuring that maintenance of your designs is easily amenable to your preferences.

While shopping online for bar stools can provide a wide selection and lower prices, it’s probably best to actually sit in and physically view the set you are considering for a proper evaluation. Determining the right bar stool is as much a visual as it is an economic decision.

Chrome Dinette Sets

Reflecting a combination of retro and modern styles, chrome dinettes have become increasingly popular in recent years. The dinettes, which resemble the shine of the 50s along with the use of modern, durable materials, can provide a nice addition to any kitchen.

While many people believe that retro-style dinettes can only fit well within an entire kitchen devoted to the design, many home owners have successfully integrated a side chrome dinette into an otherwise traditional kitchen. One of the primary factors that determines style compatibility are the chair and accessory styles that accompany the table; while you can opt for retro dual-tone chair designs, it’s also possible to use chairs that match the rest of your kitchen to ensure a seamless integration.

Another important consideration is that not all chrome material is created equal. In fact, many inexpensive chrome sets are actually synthetic plastic with a coating applied, rather than true metal. In some cases this doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, but that depends upon the thickness and quality of the particular plastic in question. Look for a thicker plastic that can stand upon to wear and tear, as well as ensuring that the surface can’t easily be damaged; a durable plastic set can last as long as true metal, if constructed properly.

Chrome dinettes are known for their visual appeal, but it’s important to look beyond the surface when judging your level of investment – the selection of the right chrome dinette can make a world of difference. Always review the warranty, as well as the return policy and track record of the manufacturer and retailer to make the best possible investment.